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Between 1950 and 1954, in the midst of "cold war", a true witch hunt is rampant in the United States, on the initiative of Senator Joseph McCarthy. This campaign against the Communists is soappalling that McCarthyism remains the symbol of intolerance and blind fear . Because McCarthyism is well born of the fear of the Soviet Union and has never had any rational basis.
During four years, entirecategories of the population have been denounced and arrested, each considered as a potential State enemy.
How an obscure small Senator of Wisconsin, unknown until then, it could plunge the worldpower in such obscurantism?

February 19, 1950, at a Conference, Senator j. McCarthy attacks with virulence to communism. His eyes, communism represents a global danger but also a scourge withinAmerican institutions.
He says that Communist spies infiltrated in the Administration and key within the Government positions. It encourages therefore all Americans to lead a crusade to unmask thesetraitors that endanger the life of the Nation. Against all expectations, this crazy speech and without any basis will spread throughout America. McCarthyism was born. It will plunge US into a real fever ofdenunciations and slanders.
Irish origin and Catholic, McCarthy is a Republican Senator. Renowned as a good living, it is also a player and a great drinker.
But this man that shake America for fouryears is also a liar who invented from scratch a biography to his advantage. In 1950, when he made his speech which has determined the sequence of events, its mandate comes to expiry. It is not at allcertain to be re-elected and therefore implements a purely partisan strategy.
So far, McCarthy was never interested in possible communist infiltration.
It is likely that this campaign is inspiredby some of the statements. As early as 1946, President Truman had ordered an investigation into the political sympathies of officials. From 1947, many public servants were also returned to their...
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