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Junker, Patricia, Winslow Homer in the 1890's: Prout's Neck Observed, ex. cat., Washington: Museum of American Art, 1991

Raban, Jonathan, ed., The Oxford Book of the Sea, Oxford Un. Press, 1991?

Robertson, Bruce, Reckoning with Winslow Homer: His Late Paintings and Their Influence, Washington: Corcoran Gallery, 1991

Seelye, John, Beautiful Machine: Rivers and the Republican Plan, 1775-1825, Oxford 1991?, [vol. 2 of larger series on American rivers]

Robert Baldwin, A Bibliography of the Sea, Shipwreck, and Water in Western Literature and Art

Published: Bulletin of Bibliography, 48, 3, 1991, 153-170 [750 entries]

As nature's once untainted refuge from urban development, industry, and congestion, as a site for spiritual journeys, catastrophes, and self-discovery, as a metaphor for birth, death, transcendence, renewal, metamorphosis, artistic creation, time, and indeterminancy, the sea and water have always been important themes in Western culture. While numerous works on the sea exist in a variety of disciplines, interdisciplinary studies are the exception rather than the rule. In the hopes of promoting a more synthetic, broad-ranging scholarship, I have assembled this bibliography of secondary studies of sea and water themes (including rivers, waterfalls, lakes, shipwreck, storm, and rain) in Western literature, religion, folklore, art, and music. Maritime history has generally been excluded since bibliographies of that material already exist. (See Benjamin Larabee. A Supplement: Naval and Maritime History. An Annotated Bibliography. 4th ed., Mystic: Mystic Seaport Museum, 1988.) References are listed under four headings: "General", "Ancient-Medieval", "Early Modern", and "Modern" with a few non-Western items under "General".


Albizu, Edgardo. "Las dimensiones poéticas del mar y la idea del tiempo." Annalecta Husserliana 19 (1985): 203-212.
Anderson, Romola and R. C. Anderson. The Sailing Ship: Six Thousand

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