New deal

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Banking and financial system collapsing after the crisis: therefore government taking over the banks temporarily “Securities Exchange Commission”
“Farmers Relief Act” government paid compensations to farmers who reduced outputs (reduced their productions) therefore raising the prices by 1937 the average income of the farmers had doubled
“Civilian Conservative Corps” jobs for young men, with shelter, food and 30 dollars a month 2.5 million by 1940 had enjoyed the CCC
“National Industrial Recovery Act” tried to get people back to work thus stimulating industries
“Public Works Administration” providing cash to construct hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, airports …
“National Recovery Administration” abolishing child labor AND introducing an 8hour day +minimum wage -> more employment
“Federal Emergency Relief Administration” money for = Soup kitchens
“Work Progress Administration” 1935 financed a variety of projects (like PWA) roads, schools, hospitals…
“Social Security Act” unsuccessful was suppose to be paid by government, federal state, employers and workers BUT didn’t have any generous payments to participate properly => at that time, USA well behind in social welfare
“Fair Labor Standard” introduced a maximum of 45 hours of working a week with minimum wage.
“Tennessee Valley Authority” revitalized a area of ruined rural America building dams to provide cheap electricity, irrigation, new houses, increased taxes on the income of the wealthy, loans for householders…
Opposition: huge from the businessmen => they said the federal government was interfering with the rights of the separate states. Sais FDR was assuming to much power
Oppositions from sociamists who felt the New Deal was to drastic enough and still left too much power in the hands of the businessmen.

25 million unemployed in 1933
8 million unemployed in 1937
10.5 million unemployed in 1938
6 million

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