Oficially dead

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Officially Dead.
The book I have chosen is called « officially dead » written by Richard Prescott.
It’s a short detective story which is composed of eleven characters. The main character isColin Fenton who is a small businessman, he lives in Bath with his wife who is Julie Fenton.
This main character is opposed to a strange character who seems be the twin of Colin and his name is JohnBentley. Colin meet John and his wife Linda in a pub in London where Linda and John live and they are both surprised because of the likeness of the two men. During their meeting, they were becomingfriends and exchanged their phone number.
Several weeks later, Linda met Colin again and invited him to have dinner in Linda and John’s home but this night, John wasn’t at home. This night was verystrange and Linda proposed to Colin to earn 10 000 pounds and Colin wanted to know why he can earn this amount of money. The following morning, Linda had to explain that her husband and her want to do arobbery in the jewellery where they work and Linda thought that they can use Colin as an alibi for John during John and Linda are doing the robbery. Linda persuades Colin to help them giving him anamount of money because he needs money to save his business. (exchange their cars and their driving licenses). Few days after, Colin accept the proposition and they organize the plan. The D-Day, theyhad to get together to exchange their cars and the driving licence just in case the policemen do a control to give John a perfect alibi.
Unfortunately, Colin had an accident in the motorway becauseof the ice on road. He drove John’s car and he had the driving licence’s John. There were only one witness who is Mark Ashwood and try to save Colin but it was impossible, Colin just said to Mark totell Julie, his wife, that he’s sorry and so stupid. These words were the last words of Colin.
Mark explain the scene to the policemen and ask the address of the victim to tell to his wife the...
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