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The Important Times of my Life The most important times in my life come by ten themes.First of all,in ninety ninety ,I got
Trouble with my eyes.That’s makes me afraid because l was too young at that time ,and it was dif-
Ficult for me to recognize color.For example,I made confusion with green and red color .With treat- ment of few months my vision became well.Second in ninety ninety five .When started with middle school,it was so exciting for me to wear uniform because that’s was my first time to go to school with uniform .This because in primary school there was not wearing uniform in school.Thirth,in nine- ty ninety eigth,I got measles sick which scare me when the doctor inform-me what gonna happened if the treatment is not good.This because that sick affect me enough.For example,it was impossible for me to take care of myself.Fourth ,in two thousand and one ,my young brother death.This affect me enough because my young brother was only the brother that I had.Fiveth ,in two thousand and two,I got baptize in Presbyterian church.That’s made mimportante became responsible.For example ,after baptize my parents and others christians gave me a lot of advise about life ,so that’s was very
Important in my life because now I know difference between bad and good things.Sixth ,two thousand
And five was year of my graduation from high school.This makes me happy because during my gradua-
Tion,it was so exciting with the presence of many people.For example,it was people especially my fa- mily such as parents,aunts ,uncles brothers,sisthers,and friends.Senventh ,the life in university in two thousand and two after graduated.When I started class in university in my country,many things was different .For example ,it was too many students and teachers who come from different cities.It was also difficult to find somebody as a friend,so that’s surprised me because il was not the same with high school.Eighth,move to United States of

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