Port d'armes aux usa en anglais

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The America is the country where we can reach most easily weapons. We list more than 200 million weapons in this country.
Weapons are profoundly anchored in their culture
Weaponsbelong to the American culture since the period of the pionners.
In the United States, the access to weapons is free for all the citizens on the condition of having an ID card.
The Americans buyweapons as if they bought common(current) products.
There is for example a bank which offers a weapon as a present of opening of an account.
It thus allows each to possess one or several weapons tohim.
Currently, the American people are profoundly divided on the question of the carrying of weapons: those who are for and those who are against.
Every party fights in every attempt ofmodification of a law concerning weapons.
- For the one hand, we are talking about the The lobby "for" the most powerful is no doubt the NRA ( National Riffle Association) managed formerly by CharltonHeston.
- For the Other hand, we are talking about the lobbies "against".
- Then, we will present you to the phenomenon of school-shooting
- Finaly, we shall present you the example“Columbine”

I) The lobby "for"

It’s the most powerful is no doubt the NRA ( National Riffle Association) managed formerly by Charlton Heston.
First of all, It is in the traditionof the USA: the country was built with the colonists who made everything with the arms and their weapons (against wild animals, and Indians also, regrettably) it is the eternelle image of the cowboyand the freedom fighters against England, that meets in the constitution of the USA: she(it) gives the right to the carrying of weapons.
But also, weapens assure an indisputable protection forattack and allow to defend itself.
Secondly, the freedom assured by the law, that we can't disavow , like the freedom of expression
Then, it is not the weapons which kill but the...
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