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I’m not that interesting, but since we both have nothing to do, let me tell you a little about my life. Yeah, let me tell you all about December 26, 2004. I was in Phuket.


“Shall we takea walk?” proposed my big brother.
My older brother had just turned 23, and he had a found a serious job and a steady girlfriend in England. We didn’t see each other very much, and he had wanted tospend his vacations with me. He had taken me to Phuket.
I was 10 at the time, and everything I saw made me marvel. The birds singing, the sun shining, the waves crashing on the rocks, the wind blowing…I was very naïve at the time, and my brother meant everything to me. He was the one I told everything to, the one who could easily comfort me, and the one who’d always make me laugh. He really meantthe world to me. I could hardly picture my life without him somewhere.
“Yes we shall,” said I, smiling.
“Keep that smile on,” he always said that. I figured he just liked to see me smiling.

Icould tell you more about when we went down the elevator, the conversation we had, but then, it would be too long, and I’d lose my point. I’ll just get to it.
When we got outside of the hotel, I’ll tellyou quite frankly, it was complete chaos. Everyone was running all around and frantically panicking. It took me quite a while to realize the situation I was in and what was happening. When I finallylooked down towards the ocean, I understood. A gigantic wave was making his way towards us… I didn’t know much then, but I knew enough to know this wave could kill us all. I began to panic. What thehell was I supposed to do? Tears swelled up in my eyes.
My brother took me by the hand and knelt beside me, so that our faces were at the same level. He looked at me with his nice green eyes.
“Youhave to trust me on this,” he smiled. “I love you.”
This made me cry more than ever. I’m very sensible you know. I mean I try to look tough and all, but truthfully, I’m a big crybaby when I come to...
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