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Who has never eaten gummy bears or strawberry Tagada? Whatever our preference we have already eaten all the candy from Haribo.
Haribo has established itself as a reference point on the candy market with essential products: Pooh, Strawberry tagada, dragibus.
These products are on the market since 1986, and Haribo have becoming with them an important competitor.

We have decided to create a new candy, “The Splash”
Our product, The Splash

We want to create a new candy just for children. But, it is not a simply candy, it’s much more than that, this candy allows children to stay focused and be more effective in class.

Chocolates and candies are one of the best-loved foods everywhere in the world. These are one of life's little pleasures. The attractive tastes and textures of chocolate and candies delight the senses of all ages.


Strength | Weakness | -The notoriety of Haribo is very high so it’s more easy to launch a new product- Innovation politics (big investment in R&D) leader in innovation-Haribo answers to new needs (packaging, recipe) and to new way of consumption (individual, familial)-Haribo is present all around the world- 22% of the market share In France-Self financing of the spending-Haribo’s product are recognize like quality product-Only 1 shareholder (total control)-Haribo is the leader on confectionery market-1st manufacturer of candies in France_Turnover:155 millions € | -Lutti is the leader on the adult confectionery market-Haribo has a traditional management (no market study: choice depend of the actuality, of the feeling of the manager) | Opportunity | Threat | - Consumption of candies in value and in volume is increasing (+ 4,3 % et + 2,8%)-Increase of the candies’ price more profit- 3,9kg of candies per person are consuming in France by year-Turnover of the market in 2005: €1,007 billion-The demand for natural candies increase-The market is very responsive to communication- No direct

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