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Ambassade de France
Institut Francais ( Service Financier)

Lycée Evariste Galois Beaumont sur Oise


I am currently in third year of a level secretary studies in a vocational high school (Lycée Evariste Galois in Beaumont sur Oise – Paris).

I am doing an internship of 4 weeks from November 22th to December 17th 2010 in London England.

I do an internship in England because I'm European section and I wanted to discover another world of work.

4.About the company

Name company : Institut Francais (service financier)
The company is located in south kensington London
Field of activity : cultural center
Total number of employees :
Historical Background of the company : The company was founded in
The company's structure and the different departments : * Accounts Dept * Administration * Secretary Général

Sort of judicial aspect :Public limited company
Company Structures :
Legal Entities:

5.About work and working conditions

During 4 weeks I working in the administration services,There are 2 people working in this service.

Hereafter is a list of the tasks I had to do whithin the company during these 4 weeks :

* Type a list of documents : I had lots of records, I can identify them one by one and know what it was for them to put a title, a place, a domain (Fire, Extinguishers, Blue prints), a supplier and a date.

* Scan documents : I had to take all the documents and I made a list and scan them one by one and then rename them in English.

* Put in a site documents : I am going on a special website, I have put on the site. I had to create folders and then put each type of documents in a folder that corresponded (Fire alarm, procedures, Blue prints...).

These 3 points I just discussed this project name is "Health and Safety"
I perform this task during the first 2 weeks of my internship.

* Send courrier interne: Le but

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