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« Creation of Company»

DATES DE DEROULEMENT DU STAGE Du ____02/06/2008___________ Au _02/06/2008_____________ LANGUE DE REDACTION : ___Anglais_______ PAYS : __Vietnam___________________________ CONFIDENTIEL OUI _ NON _X 1


Introduction :


First part : A) Intern analyze B) Extern AnalyzeP:4 P:8 P : 10

Second part : A) At the organizational level B) At the environmental level

P : 16 P: 17 P: 18


P: 21


P: 22

Annexes: Annexe1: Annexe2: P: 22; 23; 24 P: 26



I did my training placement period in Vietnam in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) The Vietnam is one of the last countries under communist regime. Vietnam is situatedclose to the Chinese sea. Since the very beginning of Vietnam nation, China is the major neighbor. From a cultural point, Vietnam is the closer country from China. Nevertheless, Vietnamese never stop fighting against Chinese domination in Asia. As a consequence, many were killed and political and economic developments were limited. The South Asia is also close to China only Vietnam. And no othercountry of the area fought as much against the Chinese domination, paying a heavy tribute in terms of human lives, economic development and policy options. The socialist republic of Vietnam covers a surface of 32.566km2, that is to say a little more half of France. Long and narrow it stretches on more 1600km north in the south, not exceeding 50 kilometers broad in its narrowest point in the centerIt divides its borders with China in north, and Laos and Kampuchea with the west. Vietnam unrolls her 3450 km of dimensions along the southernmost China Sea. The climate of the South Vietnam is more typical of the South Asia East: the hard dry season from November to February, with temperatures reaching sometimes more strong 35°.Some precipitations take place of May has October and moisturebecomes hard to bear with a rate of hygroscopy oscillating between 80% and 100%.

About 90% of Vietnamese belong to the Viet group, or Kinh. Many of them come from ethnic group, as Chinese or Malaysia. The last 10 % come from many different ethnics. The 10% remainders result from a multitude of ethnos groups. Nearly a million Chinese form the ethnic minority most important of Vietnam. They areespecially established in the south of the country, in Ho Chi Minh City (mainly in the district of Cholon where Marguerite Duras with remained at the time of its chilhood).

The main cities : The capital city, Hanoi, is located to the North of the country. All the other major cities are situated on the coast: Saigon like Ho Chi Minh City to the south-Est. Other information : Local time: the timedifference is +5 hours in summer and winter. Religion: Bhoudism majority. Currency: The Vietnam Dong. 28000 Vietnam Dong = 1 euro. Jet lag: + 5:00 in summer, + 6:00 in winter (compared to Paris)

Languages : Vietnamien is the main language but English is spoken almost everywhere.

I) First Part
The company: • • • • The company was founded in 1969 Nr 5 in France for detergents and chemicals B toB distribution 8 ME with 63 people of which 40 salesmen Sells directly to end users with high GM

• • •

2000 sqm of factory + lab and 400 sqm of offices 2000 tonnes of capacity of production Website: www.caral.fr

The project: • To set up a Vietnamese legal entity that will relay the sales of Caral products in Vietnam and will act to find local partners and set up local manufacturing.• Specialised in distribution, manufacturing and R&D of speciality chemicals for maintenancein the industry and public collective areas. • • • • • • • • • Expected sales revenues in 2010: 1 000 000 USD Expected number of employees in 2010: 25 Warehouse and blending/manufacturing site to be found: 800 sqm Transfer of Know-How from Caral France Vincent TRIAS owner and manager 7000 euros of Capital...
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