Right and wrong

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Why is it wrong for us?

Right and wrong have many significations. Right and Wrong pertain to one value: the MORALITY. Indeed, we

can understand these words from different ways. For example,someone who steals bread (or other food) in order

to survive, commit an act which is wrong: Steal. But, if we take into account his case, it would be different. In

this way, he hasn’t other choiceso we can’t judge him and say that it is wrong. He can think that it is wrong to

do this and that he won’t steal, if his case was different but in this one, it was his last chance. If we sit downin

the place of the shopkeeper, we will say that it’s very wrong and that we can admit such act. This shopkeeper

must do all, in order his shop well function. And what about laws? Is it or notimportant to consider the law?

Law is important but we must do the difference between fair and unfair laws. There were or are unfair laws, if

you follow this laws, you will do something wrong.Despite the fact that you think that follow the law is every

times good. If we come back to the story, with the man who stoles the bread. By committing this act, he becomes

a ‘’Outlawed’’ but isit what he is? - It was the first time for him and he was in a critical moment. For the law, it

was wrong. But with the terms wrong and right, there is something more, which is not including inlaws. In my

mind, we must follow big lines (for example, don’t kill other people) which explain us what is wrong and

what is right with an universal value. But we must not forget that there areothers lines which change with the

cultures, with the circumstance. Perfect example is by Levy Strauss, who is a French anthropologist. He shows

us differences between our civilization and othercivilization. It was about the prison and the Outlawed’s

judgment. In our civilization, it is right, when he is sentence to go to prison, whereas in other civilization the

policy destroys all of...
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