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Welcome to the Rocket Pitch Program!
• Identify the best practices to follow when making a Rocket Pitch; • •

The Rocket Pitch is a powerful and disciplined format to present a new business idea. In this program, you will learn the basics of a Rocket Pitch and its various uses. You will have the opportunity in the course of the program to view real Rocket Pitches by current and former studentsat Babson College. You also have the option to participate in practice exercises designed to reinforce key learning points.

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here are five sections to the program and they are as follows: Rocket Pitch Defined Developing a Rocket Pitch Effective Rocket Pitches Sample Rocket Pitches Practice Exercises

The program is designed for you to proceed through the content in a linearfashion. Click on the next and back buttons on the bottom of the screens to move forward and backward through the program. You also have the flexibility to view the sections in any order by clicking on the house icon to return the main menu then selecting another section. If there is a video clip associated with the screen you are viewing, a video icon will appear. Click on that video icon to play thevideo. Lastly, if you want to print this presentation and the transcripts from the video, click on the print icon to launch and print the PDF of this presentation.

Rocket Pitch Defined
When you hear the term, Rocket Pitch, what comes to mind? Do descriptive words such as fast, comprehensive, or concise come to mind? Those adjectives certainly describe the Rocket Pitch presentation, but it is alot more than that. The Rocket Pitch provides a vehicle for describing a new business idea in a clear, concise manner. In fact, a Rocket Pitch must be delivered in three minutes or less. Research has shown that people makes up their minds in less than 90 seconds

At the end of the Rocket Pitch program, you will be able to: • Describe the features of a Rocket Pitch Presentation, its keycomponents and how and why it is used; • Describe the steps to prepare and develop a Rocket Pitch;

as to whether they want to know more about an idea. So developing a 3 minute Rocket Pitch requires a significant amount of time, thought, practice, and revision.

created once acted upon. A pitch needs to be clear and straightforward and not overly technical. All audience members must be able tounderstand, and even paraphrase, the nature of the opportunity after hearing the entrepreneur’s Rocket Pitch. If the listener cannot accurately articulate the entrepreneur’s vision, the pitch needs further refinement. Making an effective Rocket Pitch begins with having

From an entrepreneurship process perspective, creating a Rocket Pitch early and refining the pitch as the business opportunity developsallows the entrepreneur to stay focused on the nature of the opportunity. The ability to articulate an opportunity at any time and in any environment is an essential tool of a skilled entrepreneur.

a strong grasp of its four major components. All components are needed; leaving a component out will create a gap in the story you are trying to tell. The The Rocket Pitch is also a great opportunityto practice four components simply answer the questions: What’s the problem? What’s the solution, Who will it help? organizational and preparation skills. Command Can I make money? And what do I need in order to of these core skills is invaluable in a broad range move forward? of professional situations where preparation, practice and clear communication are critical to success. The framework ofthe Rocket Pitch presentation is simple: the presenter has three minutes and three slides to tell a story to potential investors, or other interested parties. The challenge is to frame the business idea and message clearly and consistently within the three minute timeframe. Let’s view a complete Rocket Pitch to get us started. Then we will focus on the goals and components of a successful Rocket...
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