Sales at a fever pitch

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Sales at fever pitch
A retailer = un détaillant
An estate agency = une agence immobilière a real estate = l’immobilier
An exchange rate = taux d’échange
A department store: Le Printemps, Harrods ≠ a large surface store
A shopping mall = une gallerie marchande
To be hard hit (by the recession) = durement touché
To run short of an item/article = rupture de stock et a court de produits
As early as
To offer/grant a 20% discount
To hold an eight day sale = organiser des soldes de 8 jours
To get rid of + N = se débarrassé de…
A delay in delivery = un retard de livraison
To cancel an order = annuler une commande
To meet a delivery deadline = respecter un delai de livraison
To place an order with a supplier = to order goods from a supplier
Passer une commande a un fournisseur
To supply/provide SB with STH = fournir
A search engine = moteur de recherché
An IT expert = un expert informatique
The headquarters
The competition is tough/fierce
Silverware = argenterie
A retail outlet/poin oh sal = un point de vente
A brand
A trend = une tendance to be trendy = fashionable ≠old fashioned
To cold-shoulder + N = bouder qqch
“Shabby chic” = la mode chic et pas chère
To mirror = reflect
The lattest issue of ELLE magazine = le dernier numéro du magazine ELLE
A feature = characteristic
A charity shop
A second-hand car
Buying = purchasing
To save money ≠spend money ON+N = to waste money
Consumer prefer saving their money instead of spending it.
The outlook is /prospects are : grim/bleak/gloomy ≠bright(clair)
To lay sb off = licencier
A lay off = un licenciement économique = to make sb redundanta redundancy
to be laid off/to be made redundant
To hire/engaged/take on sb ≠ to fire/dismiss/sack sb
To streamline/slim down/trim the workforce = degraisser
A vicious circle ≠a virtuous circle
The low of supply and demand
To meet the demand = satisfaire la demande
To meet the requirements of a job = to fit a job description

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