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Learning Outcomes
The assignment is designed to meet the following learning outcomes:

1. Critically examine the dimensions of international marketing strategy theory and its application in context 2. Evaluate an organisations competitive positioning in the international environment, using both internal and external analysis 3. Identify and evaluate strategic international marketing options using accepted international theories and models

You have been appointed as the Assistant Marketing Manager of Bionade. You are required to assess the current situation of Bionade to determine the strategic choices and options available to take the brand world-wide. At the moment, Bionade are in many countries in Europe, have just entered the UK market through distributors and also the US market through a joint venture with a German noodle maker; both have invested in grounds and production facilities which is open to the public who can see how ‘bio’ production is at the heart of both company philosophies. The report should include the following information:

➢ Introduction – background to Bionade and its operations in Europe

➢ An environmental analysis to assess the current situation of Bionade in terms of market trends, customers, competitors and current position within the US market. This will help to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This analysis should be supported by relevant marketing theory and models.

➢ The strategic concerns faced by the company in the US market.

➢ Based on the previous discussion, what deductions, conclusions and recommendations are needed to achieve success in the US market and take the brand forward on a global scale?

➢ All material such as company information, websites, books, newspaper articles, journals, theory and models MUST be referenced within the report as well as a full reference section at the end of the report.

➢ Use Appendices where

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