Spreadshirt case

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The Spreadshirt case

History and current situation

Spreadshirt is one of the fastest growing Internet companies in Europe. It provides individualized textile merchandise products as well as online business opportunities.
The business model is very simple. There are so many websites around with a loyal visitor base that are in a greatposition to sell branded merchandise — for example shirts or mugs with logos or slogans on. However, a lot of webmasters are slow to get involved because they don't want to handle large quantities of stock, can't afford the startup costs, or are reluctant to manage distribution etc.
Spreadshirt allows these sites to enter the merchandising market without any startup costs or risk whatsoever. A siteowner simply signs up for free with Spreadshirt, uploads a new design to the Internet, chooses some high-quality products on which to place those designs, and sets a markup price above our base price. A shop is automatically created which the webmaster can integrate into the rest of their site by pasting a few lines of code. Spreadshirt handles payment, delivery, customer service etc. And thewebmaster simply collects the revenue generated from sales.
For example, a number of rock bands have used the service to sell their own range of t-shirts to fans. Sites can make very good profits by simply investing the hour or so it takes to set up a shop.

Spreadshirt history:


As part of the Designers Open, Spreadshirt invited the public to the T-Shirt Workshop: visitors tothe Spreadshirt HQ in Leipzig were able to watch t-shirts being produced and try their hand at producing their own shirts.
Almost all political parties involved in the 2009 German elections offered election shirts in their own Spreadshirt shop. Mehr Infos
The number of fonts in the T-Shirt Designer, Spreadshirt's online tool allowing customers to create their won apparel,was expanded with 25 new fonts.
Three new top managers strengthen the Spreadshirt team. Learn more
laFraise, the ongoing t-shirt design contest and subsidiary of Spreadshirt, redesigned its website. Learn more
The International T-Shirt Day was celebrated in Berlin, Boston and locations like Oslo, Kiev and Prague.
Spreadshirt sponsored the blogger congress "re:publica"and designed personalised t-shirts together with the participants.
Spreadshirt teams up with Earth Day e.V. for the third time and supported the organization's cleanup projects with more than €6,000.
The 7 millionth shirt design was approved by Spreadshirt's design verification.
Spreadshirt receives €10 Million financing from Kennet Partners and existing investorAccel.p>
Spreadshirt starts Twardrobe: customers are invited to try new products in the apparel assortment exclusively and for free. Only for Twitter followers. More info on the blog


The Exclusive Line is unveiled allowing for high fashion clothing to be available for the creative apparel market for the first time. Learn more
The Spreadshirt Marketplace gets amakeover and Shop Partner products are now displayed on the homepage, allowing customers more variety and ease to find inspiration from all possible topics. Learn more on the blog
Spreadshirt supports the Designers Open in Leipzig and the Project Onetee.
We moved – Spreadshirt moved into a new, freshly renovated headquarters in Leipzig-Plagwitz, door to door with our production facility whowere already awaiting us. Learn more
Spreadshirt actively commits itself to company responsibility. All users can read about our suppliers and our ethical guidelines on the new responsibility pages. Learn more
500,000 Shop Partners have registered with Spreadshirt: with 150,000 in North America and 350,000 in the EU.
Spreadshirt and the agency 12ender publish a book with shirt...
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