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My name is Alice, I am 30, I' ve got a lovely life, a lovely family with my husband and my son Jake. I am an inspector.. In fact I used to be one. I’ve always worked on hard investigations, and this didn't disturb me until this one. My last one..

It was at the office. My boss told me of a man, a weird man who was suspected of killing his victims in horrible conditions. When I heard that, I just wanted to find this man and to take him to the prison. But it haven't been that simple. First, I went to the place that my boss described me like his house, it was a big one in grand avenue, in Chicago. But there was nothing really interesting in this house, exept a photo of a family, a man who was like 40, his wife, I supposed, who was like 30 and two kids. Behind the photo there was written " last day with them." I suddently started to think that it would be possible that the man was the murderer. But he seemed so happy! He was smiling and holding his wife.. He was happy as a head of family whose life is filled with happiness. I took the photo in my pocket and went at the first floor. There was nothing, just a bed and an empty cupboard. In the night, when I went to sleep, I was still thinking about this man. What could have happened to him? Maybe he killed all his family or maybe someone did it. I spent the whole night thinking of it. I woke up early in the morning, and drank my coffee while reading the newspaper, and the main headline called my intention.


This morning, a little boy called Sam Sawyer has been found dead in his bed. His mother saw him just as she woke up, and told the police that she didn't hear anything in the night. The horrible fact is that the murderer extracted the right eye of the little boy. I couldn't drink anymore. I was stupefied. How could

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