What is a strategic thinking?

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According to Michael D.Taylor, a strategic thinking is a strategy about “how the goal is established” and how this goal affect all business’ actors: the customers, the corporation, the competitors and the co-workers.
Concerning the customer, we don’t focus only on their needs. With the strategic thinking, we have to identify methods that will be used to prevent design drift. For him, there is a tool, Quality Function Deployment, which helps to transform customer needs into engineering characteristics for a product. Also, it exists another tool, Analytic Hierarchy Process, created by Thomas L.Saaty. It allows to structure decision problems and their elements. After, elements are related to goals to find solutions to remedy. Thus, the product’s design is centered on customer needs.

Concerning the corporation, its goal has to be aligned on these strategic plans, so its project can’t be based in corporate competencies.

For competitors, a company has to take advantage, so launching product which are better than competitors’ product. But the product has to be introduced on the market at the right time, in order to achieve a reasonable profit.

Finally, concerning co-workers, company has to implicate them such a way that they can see some personal benefit in participating in the project. Thus, optimal performance will be achieved. According to Herzberg, job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction acted independently of each other. Indeed, there are certain factors in the workplace that cause job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. For him, “individuals are not content with the satisfaction of lower-order needs at works”. Indeed, they prefer gaining gratification about psychological needs like recognition or responsibility. Then, Michael D.Taylor talks about external influences which have an impact on the project. Indeed, in a strategic thinking, we have to take into account the political and cultural influences to well manage a project.
In first, stakeholders

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