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The IWSR Global WIne handbook

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Welcome to the second edition of The IWSR’s Global Wine Handbook. The aim is to provide any executive interested in exports with a single source of key, reliable information. In all, 80 key markets were selected, which together account for 98.4% of global still light wine sales (excluding duty free/travel retail). Each twopage country profile provides: the country’s total wine market trend over the past five years the trends of the leading five countries supplier the shift in consumption of wine by colour a summary of consumption by price point

The information is drawn from our global database covering in all 233 countries and territories. To find out more about any market, contact us via the details shown opposite. We trust that you will find this new Handbook an essential resource and look forward to any comments you may have.

Alastair Smith Managing Director

The IWSR Global Wine Handbook 2008 | 1

Section 1: Global Wine Summaries
Global Wine Consumption by Volume: ‘99 - ‘07/F’08 ....................................................4 SLW Consumption New World v Old World: ‘99 - ‘07/F’08 ............................................4 Top 10 Fastest Growth

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