A horrible murder in a school

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A Horrible Murder in A School

As every day the sport teacher, Mr.Londreau arrived at the college on his like. When he wanted to say “Hello” to the cook, nobody was in the kitchen,there was a huge silence. He can into the kitchen, he opened the fridge and suddenly he discovered the cook’s dead body who fell on his feet, Ooops!!! How horrible “Help” shouted Mr.Londreau. He ran toMr.Guyon’s office to show him the dead body. Mr.Guyon called the police and an inspector Hercule Poirot, arrived immediately.
The corpse was covered writh blood: he was stabled again and againsmatch in the head, in the right arm the left knee each. Hercule Poirot found fingerprints on a dagger which was in the drawer of the cupboard. He investigated the scene of crime and he discovered thatthe cook assistant could be the culprint. Everybody was comanced the cook assistant was guilty. So the shop assistant was put into prison. He thought about his alibi and he proved. We wasn’t guilty:another murder was been committed. They released the prisoner the gardener has been killed in the some way in the patio some wounds, some dagger some footprints and fingerprints but something new. Apaper had been put on the corpse. It said that he made the lists of the persons he would kill: the cook, the gardener, the secretary, the head teachers and headmasters. The inspector investigated thescene of crime again and again and he discovered a spot of yellow paint. He stared around him and saw a yellow house recently painted.

He went to theneighbors he went upstairs and downstairs but he couldn’t find the neighbors. Nevertheless he found a new list of the future victim out same writing same paper, same fingerprints how strange!!! Finally hehad the proof he was the killer because he had just found evidence.
The neighbor arrived at home he was astonished… The inspector asked him where he was when the crime was committed. He answered he...
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