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Christian Grenier

Named after a paper manufacturing company (an allusion to the connection between the protagonist and books), Montag is one of an exclusive set of firemen whose task involves burning books. He is the third generation of men in his family to do so. Becoming increasingly discontented as the book unfolds, Montag ultimately detests his job and attempts to resign. He has a dogged and unreciprocated loyalty to wife and friends, refusing, for example, to betray Clarissa and Faber even though they disobey the rules of Civilization.

Montag attempts to make his wife and friends analyze their indoctrination. He fails, is betrayed by them, is forced to torch his own house and books, and barely escapes with his life. His life is saved only by attacking the head fireman, Beatty, and two other colleagues, by fleeing to Faber, and finally by crossing the river to a band of refugees who, like him, are determined to educate the world after the War.

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