Les Dieux ont soif


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Anatole France

Tom Sawyer—Tom is the leader of the boys, and when he arrives at the Phelps farm, he once more becomes the leader of Huck. Tom longs to have a real adventure, but spends so much time in his own imagination that it is likely he would miss the real thing even if it came and parked itself right in front of his face.

This is the case when Huck explains his plan for freeing Jim. It is a practical and simple plan and one sure to lead to further adventure on the river—but Tom insists on doing things the way he has read about in books. His adventure must be contrived and, ultimately, a farce of true adventure and of reality. Tom is, at heart, a Romantic, whereas Huck is a realist. Yet, the two boys bond over their love for adventure, even if Tom makes a mess of true adventure and can only dream of the things that Huck has actually experienced.

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