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Group strenghts
Revenues increased thanks to product diversification and an international presence: $3.9 billion in 2002,$5.3 billion in 2003, $6.9 billion in 2004, $8.5 billion in 2005, and $10.7 billion in 2006.
Website strengths
There are not many weaknessess, is probably is topseller on internet. We can say perhaps this would confuse its consumers and endanger its brands. In the same way, many of the new categories, for example automotive, may prove to be tooconfusing for customers.
Another weaknesse can be her technology, indeed, uses javascript for his website that’s why amazon is very low to load. With 49 pictures on his homepage for a totalof 522 KB.
Opportunities is known in worlwide which is a opportunitie to find new customers in sceptical people.There are also opportunities for Amazon to buildcollaborations with the public sector. For example the company announced a deal with the British Library, London, in 2004. The library's catalogue of published works is now on the Amazon website, meaning ithas details of more than 2.5m books on the site.
In 2004 Amazon moved into the Chinese market, by buying china's biggest online retailer, . The deal was reported to be worth around $ has many similarities to its new owner, in that it retails books, movies, toys, and music at discounted prices.
Firstly, about computer threats Amazon knows better than anyone,since one of its U.S. subsidiaries, Bibliofind, just recognize that computer fault had allowed hackers to recover for months all the information on 98 000 of its customers. Today, the site Bibliofindreopened but no longer allows payment online.
All successful Internet businesses attract competition. Since Amazon sells the same or similar products of differents online companies, it may become...