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Kouidri hacène

Hello, my Name is kouidri hacène, I am 19 years old and I live in Saint Genis Laval. Before being in two-year technical degree at the high school of the AFPM, I studied at theschool LAMACHE. In this school I obtained the diplomas of professional patent (certificate) of study and high school diploma. Since the professional patent of study I chose the way of theelectrotechnics. I chose this way because I would later like to work in the renewable energy. It is for it that if I have my two-year technical degree I would like to make a license renewable energy.
I make mytwo-year technical degree in alternation, to say that I am 2 weeks in company then 2 weeks at the school. I chose the alternation because I wanted to enter the active life more easily and to have anoutline of the world of the work. The inconveniences are that I have less vacancy, but every month I gain a salary what is advantageous.
What pleases me in the alternation, it is that thanks to thepractice in company I understand better the theoretical courses to the school. The high school helped me to find a company. I am an employee of the company Plymouth.
Plymouth is implanted to Feyzin (theSouth of Lyon), in an industrial park. Its situation allows it to be in the middle of a European strategic crossroads. This position indeed represents a main advantage as well to the level export asat the level of the development. The company (society) is implanted on a surface of 100 000 m ² of which 25 000 build; there is thus a big storage capacity (a store for every business sector). Everyactivity remains autonomous thanks to an individual platform.
It is five industrialists of Lyon who decide to join to an American specialist of the transformation rubber: the PLYMOUTH RUBBER COMPANYMassachusetts to create a setting-up to Feyzin in Lyon and serve markets elastics of all Europe.
PLymouth is a company of manufacturing which it divides into 3 business sector. The 1st business...