Anglais : a dry white season, andré brink

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A Dry White Season

Title explanation
A dry white season refers to the dry white season when he was just a little boy. His father lost all of his sheep during that season, forcing them to sell the farm and move. The dry white season took everything from them, leaving them alone and scorched among the white skeletons of dead sheep. It was where he first discovered himself and the world. Nowhe's enduring another dry white season. Everything is being taken from him. He's facing himself and the world ones again.

South Africa, late 70's.

A white minority of the population is ruling South Africa. The voteless black majority of South Africa is being suppressed terribly by the government, because of the race laws, which very conveniently assure the whites of agood wealthy living in South Africa. Many blacks see the injustice being made against their brothers and sisters and cry out for equality. But the youth see their fathers and brothers being killed in the streets by the police and they burst out in rage trying to get even with the whites. Not even remembering that it was not revenge or hate, but equality that they where fighting for.

Duringthis period a law was being set up that everybody would have to speak Afrikaans at school. Soweto erupted, demonstrating against the insanity of the law. According to official documents from 16 June until mid October 350 people died and 2000 people got hurt. Soweto became the symbol of black resistance against segregation.

Ben du Toit was a teacher at one of the finest schools of Johannesburg. Benwasn't a noticeable fellow and if it wasn't for his wife Susan to urge him on he would not have been such a successful teacher. He would probably be a teacher in a small town, always protecting the poor and the innocent. Ben was a friend of Gordon Ngubene. The genitor at his school. Ben stood up for him when he was falsely accused for steeling something and in return Gordon washed Ben's car onesa week. Gordon and his wife also helped around the house and when Gordon came to Ben about his son, Ben made sure that Gordon's son would receive a proper education. But like many blacks in Soweto Jonathan became friends with the wrong people and became to hate all whites, demonstrating for equality. On the 16 of June 1976, when Soweto erupted, Jonathan disappeared. A few weeks later Gordon wasinformed his son died of natural causes. Ben wouldn't see that it was a lie and that Jonathan had died by cause of the police. Even when Gordon was arrested because he was informing about his sons disappearance, Ben believed that it couldn't be anything more but a mistake and that the whole matter would be solved if he talked to the police. But when Gordon died in jail of so called natural causesBen felt it his responsibility to see that justice would be served and that Gordon's wife would be looked after for. He becomes very brave in taking on the police and although he becomes isolated from the world, although he loses everybody around him he still goes on fighting for justice. During his struggle and solitude Ben fiends the help of a cab driver with the right connections all over Sowetocalled Stanley. Ben fiends a lot of support from him when he feels to tired to go on. With the help of Stanley for the first time in his life, Ben fiends out about the way blacks have to live in the townships. For the first time Ben sees how they have to live and now he can clearly see the real cause he fighting for. When Ben's relationship with his wife is over, because she doesn't understand whyor what he's fighting for, he becomes very intimate with a female reporter called Melanie Bruwer. Slowly Ben notices the impact of his inquisitions on the people around him and on himself. Ben starts doubting himself when slowly the people around are being taken from him and slowly Ben's live is being taken from him by the Special Branch. He realises that justice as he thought it was doesn't...