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Hubble 3D
Helloo everybody my name is Ricardo and am going to tell you the story of Hubble 3D
In May 2009 seven astronauts flu too the upperspace telescope in a spaceship live Shuttle Atlantis. Hubble needed a new battery; new camera and spar port too fix broken hardware. it was thefive’s servicing too Hubble and the final plan repaid opportunity for the telescope. Scott Altman was the commander, 2009. Hubble was a repair missionreally delicate so NASA astronauts have too visited regularly too keep smoothly and extended the life of Hubble… the telescope is 350 mile of the earthto grasp the orbiting telescope with the shuttle's mechanical arm at 17,500 mph, and one unexpected problem that threatened to sabotage the entiremission.
Discover the universe with Hubble eye every galaxy and secret in the movies it explain the galaxy’’ medulla’’ and every secret of It. andthey have 1 billion star in medulla galaxy I think in they show you how the galaxy is made is really amazing ‼ they have two kind of star they havebleu star and red star the blue star are star they staring too dies and the red star they just born in the movies they show you how star or staringtoo born every second for it…its every breathtaking I just want to return in something I forgot to tell you all in Sunnyvale California 1988 wasthe first time that Hubble when too space and 2009 the future of Hubble was in jeopardy Hubble show us the size of the universe the beauty it hold’s