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Hope and Anchor
By Flora Bouard


1 _ Introduction
2 _ Localization geographic
3 _ Hope and Anchor Inn
4 _ The organization chart
5 _ Customers
6 _ Competition
7 _ Advertisement
8 _ My type day
9 _ Conclusion

1 _ Introduction

My name is Flora Bouard, I am 20 years old, I am a student at Rumengol college and I am studying an HNDin Sales and Commerce.
Within the framework of my program I had to make an English-speaking training course of a duration of 5 compulsory weeks. My choice was ported on England because this country attracts me a lot since many years. It is also the English culture which motivate me to go to work abroad. I choose a neighborhood country which have the same climate because in case of too hightemperatures, I’m sick. For example, I wouldn’t go to Australia because I use to leave in temperate countries. I choose this region because of its sea proximity.
As far as I’m concerned, I made my training course at hope cove during 11 weeks.

2 _ Geographic localization

Hope cove is a small seaside village in South Hams District, Devon in the south west England.
This village is locatedbetween Salcombe and Kingsbridge.
It’s a dynamic and touristic area. Near the pub, there are two beaches. One of it allow to boats to moor. So, some of our customers are boats owners.
All the year, the staff is composed of 12 members. In this team, there are the couple of managers, 4 cooks, 1 room cleaner, 3 barmen and 2 beachcomber employees.
During this same period, the village’s populationis weak: only 250 people leave there.
However, when summer come, the population increase a lot : the staff culminate at 40 workers, and the town reach 5000 inhabitants.
In the past, hope cove was fishermen village, and currently this village is very attractive.
In effect, many activities are proposed like : diving which permit to visit boats carcasses, surf, kayak, boats and jet ski leasing,hiking around seaside, and the evening, there are beautiful and spectacular sunsets.

3 _ Hope and Anchor Inn

It is a pub restaurant with 11 rooms and the beachcomber which is next to the structure they allows to reach a turnover of 1.10 000 £.
The beachcomber is a place where the company propose the breakfast and it is also where customers can eat during the day. It’s open from 8 am to 6 pm.During august the beachcomber close at 10 pm.
Two members are in charge of breakfast, the cook prepare and the assistant receipt the orders, serve and collect them.
At 10 am, the staff change : a new cook come, an employee wash the plates and a barman make the cashier.
Concerning the pub, there are two bars with a sitting room and outside there is the place to take the sun.
There is a kitchenwhich allows to satisfy customers needs. There are also dining room to eat, top bar and bottom bar and outside bars to have a drink, eat or both. The boathouse is a place only for families : quiet and forbidden to the animals.
Upstairs there are 11 rooms whose 4 guest stars for customers who want to spend more time at hope cove.
All the summer, the pub propose activities like concerts, outdoorgames, country dance spectacle, and twice a month a market. On this outdoor market, displayers sells to tourists local products like marmalades, jewels, cakes,
The last August week is entitled “Hope cove week end family” : the staff organized barbecues, outside bar, hot dogs stand, outside games open to every public. At the night the beautiful and huge Fireworks This spectacle ended the big partyand the summer.

4 _ The organization chart

Iann and Emma are the boss of hope and anchor inn, they manage a 12 members team.
Their assistant is Zofia.
Iann & Emma

Chef barman
Room cleaner
Chef Cook


It is like the big family : everybody help the others, they have to work...
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