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  • Publié le : 26 juillet 2010
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France Telecom is the main French company of telecommunications and the 71th world company. This company employs 187 000 persons, approximately 100 000 in France. In an important group like this one,the human resources are a preponderant place. My role of director of the human resources allows to manage a set of practices of the management having for objective to mobilize and to develop thehuman resources for a bigger efficiency and an efficiency of the organization. It is an activity which has to tend to improve a transverse communication, while making respect the organization chart of thecompany.
In a worldwide group it is difficult to take decision which can correspond every employee, but my department and myself work in parallel with the delegate of the union.
Anotherobjectives of the Human resource department is to generate a strong company culture, for that, we have created a big survey inside to the company called “Technologia” in order to recreate a strong companyculture.
In this project, the Human Resources department sent a questionnaire to our 102 000 French employees. The rate of answer was 80 %. Then we realized individual interviews with 1 000 employeesselected and chosen to represent every department of the company. And finally last action, we relocated our axis of dialogue decentralized to create a new dynamics of expression: more than 2 500 Localmeetings.
Since few months, our company is touched by an important wave of suicide. Unfortunately, the Human resource department is pointed by the French government, the media and the employees.Before this wave of suicide, we negotiate with the delegate of the union of employees in order to improve the condition of work. Our main topics were the Mobility, balance life professional / private life,working conditions, representation of the employees in the authorities of Governance, a better organization of the work and the stress at the work. And we find an agreement on the mobility and the...