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Poetic, social and cultural movement, the "slam" appears in Chicago in the 80s. (it) inherits European, American and African poetic cultures by adding it the firm will to give the floor in all andall. Based on the notion of community, the slam asserts the democratic character of the poetry and adds to it a dimension of show (entertainment).
“Family slam” is inspired by the movement punk andjoined sometimes the hip-hop by its social demands. But especially, the slam abolishes the borders dividing up the styles, the kinds (genres), the poets of the street and the "academic" poets.
 Marc Smith, a young writer of Chicago, baptizes the movement "slam" ("click" in English). In a bar named the Green Mill, it organizes competitions of poetry (" Uptown Poetry Slam ") arbitrated by thepublic.
This meetings-fights “to laugh know” a striking success, relieved by the media from 1987. The movement gains (wins) San Francisco by means of the National Association of of Poetry, then thewhole American territory.
International Organization of Performing Poets structures and tightens the links between the numerous teams which organize slams through the United States. The movementpropagates and federates with the first Big American National Slam in 1990 in San Francisco.
Family " slam " pull(fire) its strength of the variety of the voices(votes) and the very preciseorganization of championships, govern by strict rules which allow the movement to stay at once(at the same time) opened and creative without losing the notion of community.
In 1996, two journalists areinterested in the slameur Saul William, winner (conqueror) of several American competitions and star (speedboat) of documentaries “Underground Voices” and " Slam Nation " of Paul Devin. Especially, heparticipates in the writing (editorial staff) of the movie "Slam" realized by Marc Lévin in 1997, which he plays the leading part. Golden Camera in the Cannes film festival 1998, this movie makes all...