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Pankaj Kumar

Skill Set:-

• Platforms: Motorola , Nokia, Lucent , Nortel,Huawei,UTStarcom,Cisco
• Motorola CBSC, Nokia DX200, Access point,UTStarcom, Inc. FMC,iCBSC,mSwitch,IPTV
• Test Management – Unit test, SIT, performance testing, defect management and solution implementation
• EVDO Network Management – Integration, testing EVDO NW Elements• EVDO - BSS OA&M involves Huawei BSC & BTS Equipments (Solaris 8 / Oracle)
• Understanding cell site planning, frequency reuse and QOS
• CDMA-1X– Implementation, Testing & Upgrade of CBSC Elements. Includes Motorola CBSC & BTS, Cisco Routers, switches & MGX.
• Lucent Switch - Lucent’s 5ESS, Lucent’s Autoplex Flexent, ECP &DCS (CDMA).
• NortelSwitch- DMS-100/250 Switch Translations
• GSM – OMC-R,BSS(Solaris 2.5.1 / Informix)
• Tuning of BSS parameters – Hopping, Handovers, Power control.
• Protocols & Signaling - CCS7,SIP,H.323,MGCP,MF,V5.2, R-2 MFC, Q-931 (ISDN)
• Programs/Packages -Visio 2002 Professional, MS Office , MapInfo
• Expertise in Macro Cell Planning, Design, Optimization• CDMA PN planning, PN verifications, RF Call Trace, OCNS Loading.
• CTP (Motorola Call Trace Product), CAT (Call Trace Analysis) tools for call tracing and for measurement reports to investigate TA, Path Balancing, and Cell Overreach problems.
• TCP/IP ,DNS,PPP, DHCP, X25 , Frame Relay, ATM
• LAN/WAN Tools:Ethereal,Sniffer
• Solaris 2.5.1 Administration/ Informix DBA, Solstice Disksuite, Veritas, Linux Administration
• CW tests, Model tuning, Predictions, C/I, C/A plots, Frequency planning using PLANET.
• Routing Protocols : OSPF,RIP,BGP,PPP,SNMP,VLAN
• Other Tools: MapInfo, TEMS, ASSET, Viper, Nitro, etc.
• Optimization Tools - CAIT, SMAP & Actix Analyzer (Post Processing tool), Planet (GSM), TEMS,Grayson, Agilent
• CELLPLANNER V 3.4(ERICSSON) planning Tool.
• TEMS Investigation, 3.2, 5.0, 5.1 (Ericsson) for GSM RF Drive test.
• Agilent 6473 Drive Test (Agilent)
• FICS (File Information Conversion System(Ericsson)
• GPS 12 XL, GPS 72 (Garmin).
• Site Mapper,Anritsu Site Master

Professional Experience

UTStarcom, Inc.Brazil (Feb’06-till date)
Technical Leader
Technical team leader who provide the expertise to the local GSSI team. Responsible to setup the field trials, deployments of IPTV, Soft switch & moving media-2000 solutions.
• Currently supporting the IPTV platform in Brasilia for Latin America's Customers. Developing newprocedures and practices for the deployment of IPTV systems across Latin America. Key person to install, integrate, commission the IPTV Platform in Brazil Telecom.
• Involvement with UTSTAR’s Softswitch, FMC, IPTV & CDMA solutions field trials. Guide the installations, commissioning & evaluation of UTStarcom, Inc. products.
• Worked closely with IP Technologies, Data Management, and developement,Testing & Sales team to ensure smooth & Successful Deployment.

Huawei Tech Brazil-TSD (May’05-Feb’06)
(RF Engineer)

A Key Member of TSD Group, responsible for Planning, Design, implementattion & Support of Huawei CDMA EVDO/1X Networks.
• Supervised& Guide the installations, commissioning & evaluation of Huawei BSS (EVDO) Systems. Trials. Participate in site technical visits to identify RFequipment locations and antenna orientation, Setting BTS parameters, Analyze network performance data, Verify RF related site engineering drawings, Perform site build verification and acceptance, Generate RF engineering related reports as required.
• Perform system dimensioning tasks, including traffic analysis as required, Perform RF planning related GIS work as required, Analyze RF equipment...