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Marketing Mix

M&Ms comes in a variety of candy types, colors, sizes and that’s just the candy itself! M&MS also has 30 licenses to promote other products such as sweatshirts,M&Ms dispensers and plush dolls of the Spokescandies (M&M’s website). Recently, M&Ms has allowed customers to customize their own bags of M&Ms by visiting the website and picking outtheir preferred colors and even personalized inscriptions. What M&Ms is perhaps best known for is having their candies seasonally appropriate several times a year. Pastel colors for Easter, redand green for Christmas and orange and black for Halloween are just a few of the color types offered for different times of the year. This does not include the special promotions offered during othertimes of the year which have included in the past: tie-dyed colors and black and white.
Pricing for M&M’s is modestly priced. This is an affordable candy that everyone can afford andenjoy. Gourmet chocolates on the other hand, which can run $30 per pound are targeting a higher class of customer. Single serving bags are typically under one dollar. Large bags of M&M’s range from$2-$3. To buy a customized bag of M&M’s will be a little more expensive. This selection gives you the option to put a customized message on your candy and the ability to pick up to twocustomized colors. The price for one 8 ounce bag is $9.49, but the minimum quantity allowed is 4 bags, making the minimum total $37.96 (M&M’s website). The upside to this is that M&M’s does offerfree shipping for your customized product.
M&Ms in the distribution channel is sold at the retail level. Currently M&MS is sold at many, if not all, food retailers throughout the U.S.and International markets. It is a ubiquitous product that is not hard to find. Many of their branded products can be found at these retailers as well, but the main place to find them is on the...