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Welcome back everyone. Okay here we go, get ready, hang on to somthing ladies and gentelmans, listen to this: our next guest is a very special one, he just came backfrom a gap year spent in Austalia and Lesotho, the documentary he produced titled ''The Forgotten kingdom'' just came out,
Please welcome as it should his hightness Prince Harry !

Goodevening, how are you?

Good evening Prince Harry, I'm fine, I'm glad you're here. Actually we're very lucky to have you on the show tonight, you're quite a busy young man..

Hah, Idon't have much free time but it's my pleasure to be here with you all tonight, I love your show!

Well, we're honnored to have you!
So, as I was telling the audience, you just came backfrom a gap year, how did it go?

Well, it was very interesting, I have to say. I met a lot of very friendly people in Australia as well as in Lesotho. Even thought the atmosphere was muchdifferent.

It probably was different. I heard you played some important polo match test in Australia. What did you do exacly by the time you where down there ?

I did participate to apolo match test. That was the Young England, which I was part of, vs the Young Australia.

Oh, I see...

Yes and, during the time I spent in Australia , I also got to work on a cattlestation which I really liked. Working with animals was brand new for me and definitly benefical.

Your father also worked in a similar place when he was as young as you, is that right ?Oh yes, he did, as well as my older brother.

Okay .. And what about Lesotho? You probably did much different things there ..

I mainly spent my time working for variouscharities and organisations for children in Lesotho. I also volonteered in a home for Aids orphans there.

Oh that's great! ... While you where there, you made a documentary to help highlight the...