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This Document is a cartoon in Black and White .The title of the document is " The many cides of modern food production ".It comes from in internet "www.Newsstarget.com" . It was published in 2007 . It was painted by Mike Adams.It deals with the problem of the modern food .
Firstly I will describe this document. Secondly Iwill make the analyse of the document.
The scene takes place on the nature But on the last picture , it's in a market .The parts are composed of four picture . Onthe first picture , we can see big mushroom dying because of someone has got chemical in the main . The name of the chemical are Fungicides . On the second foto ,we can see a farmer with his tractor who destrying the plant in the field . The name of the chemical are pesticides . On the third picture there are three treeswith fruits ..there are chemical substance used to destroy or inhibit the growth . The name of the chemical are herbicides. Finally, On the four picture , we can seefive characters lying on the floor . They are die because of Genocide . There are a lot of food in the floor . For example there are soda, snacks, donuts .. Thereare two stall soda and snacks .This cartoon want we show The consequences of chemicals on our food .This situation is dramatic. It is important to say thatChemicals are very harmful for our health .The author wanted denounce .I think that it's big problem in our food because a lot of people don't know have in their food . Ifind this document realistic. It makes me think of a documentary that I watched on a TV programme which they talk describe our food , What food for our health? .