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Working Conditions in Europe
Quality of work and employment - a vital issue, with a strong economic and humanitarian impact

Good working conditions are important for the well-being of Europeanworkers. They
* contribute to the physical and psychological welfare of Europeans
* contribute to the economic performance of the EU.
From a humanitarian point of view, the quality of workingenvironment has a strong influence on the overall work and life satisfaction of European workers.
From an economic point of view, high-quality job conditions are a driving force of economic growthand a foundation for the competitive position of the European Union. A high level of work satisfaction is an important factor for achieving high productivity of the EU economy.
It is therefore a coreissue for the European Union to promote the creation and maintenance of a sustainable and pleasant working environment – one that promotes health and well-being of European employees and creates a goodbalance between work and non-work time.

Improving working conditions in Europe: an important objective for the European Union.
Ensuring favourable working conditions for European citizens is apriority for the EU. The European Union is therefore working together with national governments to ensure a pleasant and secure workplace environment. Support to Member States is provided through:* the exchange of experience between different countries and common actions
* the establishment of the minimum requirements on working conditions and health and safety at work, to be applied allover the European Union

Criteria for quality of work and employment
In order to achieve sustainable working conditions, it is important to determine the main characteristics of a favourableworking environment and thus the criteria for the quality of working conditions.
The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) in Dublin, is an EU agency that...