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We have working on e commerce and especially we have tried to define e-commerce, the main reason that do that use e commerce, and also the evolution of e commerce and the user. Importance of benefitsof e commerce. But we have study only e commerce on b to c because there are also b to b.
E-commerce is general term designed use of electronic media to realize commercial transaction. Generallyit’s represent sales product through the internet. At the origin he had to permit business trading trough internet from middle of 90. The e-commerce including also the process to purchase on line.
But Ecommerce not essentially just to purchase on line but it’s too the realization of estimation to user, the possibility to dispose of electronic catalogue and access plan to find easily the shopper. Wecan organize stock management in real time, the availability of product. That allowed a high level of customization product all the more if e commerce site is property direct of factory and leak withproduction strategy; for instance visiting card customize object (like mug, caps, t-shirt…)
Most of e commerce site are shops on line who integrate electronic catalogue on line have got also asearch engine for information retrieval, a virtual caddie a system to securise paiement, the possibility following your order. Shoppers can organize offers on line and price can be modified, and referencecan add or delete.
E commerce is now very important and the market keep to skyrocket, proportion of e commerce in vad upgrading and is nowadays weight 66% of sales revenue.
That we can see in thisgraphic
Le e-commerce pèse 66 % du chiffre d'affaires de la VAD |
| Commentaire Estimé à 11,9 milliards d'euros en 2006, la part du e-commerce dans le chiffre d'affaires total de la vente àdistance atteint 66 %, selon la Fevad. En progression de 17 % entre 2005 et 20066, le chiffre d'affaires de la vente à distance passe de 15,3 milliards d'euros à 18 milliards d'euros. La part du...