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Four Journals Reviewed:
Two Scholarly and Two Trade
Sarah Bensoussan

This paper explores four published journals that come from two categories : Academic/scholarly journals and trade/professional journals in the communication field. It reports on the differences between those two categories through a description of the four journals and one article out of each that was summarized utilizing the American Psychological Association (APA) style.
On the one hand, Journal of Marketing and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing were studied as academic/scholarly journals and on the other hand the study of Target Marketing and Campaign has built a clear picture of what trade/professional journals are and what goal they can be pursued for.
The four articles that were studied provide readers with information related to the field of media and communication, and more specifically to marketing and marketing management. The journals, however, vary in the category they belong to through their look, their approach of the information they provide and their sources.

Journal of marketing is a bi monthly scholarly/academic journal published by The American Marketing Association. It reports on issues in marketing and marketing management. Its readership is very diverse and the content of the journal is aimed as much to academics as practitioners in the marketing field.

The article reviewed from this journal discusses the importance of the age in people habits and purchase. The author’s point, based on studies and researches is that older consumers usually go for older brands. Based on a study concerning French perfume market, the article describes how young consumers can easily change their habits or their tastes while older people like to stick to what they are used to. As a matter of fact, young and older have to be seen differently in marketing plans. Young can be a very good target for a new

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