Avantages de l'-commerce pour une entreprise

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Avantages de l’e-commerce pour une entreprise:

The Internet knows no geographical borders:

Basically, internet helps grow your business into a worldwide market as offering products orservices via the internet makes you accessible to people anywhere. A bigger market assumes bigger profit. A company can touch customers all over the world with the internet. Without, they can only haveaccess to a local, regional or national market. The multi-lingual website helps having way more visibility as the catalogues are referenced in the search engines. The primary advantage of ecommerce isthat it acts as a centralized information and market exchange for businesses and consumers alike.

The Internet dramatically reduces the cost of information and communication.

In Germany, forinstance, a full 75 percent of adults have broadband Internet access at home. This high-speed connection makes it simple to search and purchase goods and services.
All the needed information on theWeb have to be presented in a clear and convincing way. It’s not required to hire and train salespeople to promote the product or service as the Web site does it for the company. In a click, a broadrange of customers can be aware of new products. The cost of communication and promotion drastically decreases for a better result.

Unlimited catalogue size:

There’s no store, no matter howhuge, that can match the Internet for variety and selection. There’s no constraint regarding the amount of products. Furthermore, the internet catalogue of products could be updated every day.

Websites are easy to create and can be maintained at relative low cost

One of the major advantages of e commerce is the decrease of overall cost of doing business..With an e-commerce Web site, anythingthat the customer does for himself, such as looking for a product, entering his billing information and signing up for an e-mail confirmation for instance. It is work that paid customer service...
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