Barcelona guide book

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Barcelona Guide book

This page will help you if you are looking for the best trip to Barcelona and to have a good time!
If you’re only in Barcelona for a few days on holiday or business, this Barcelona guide book is an excellent choice. It focuses on the top restaurants, the cheapest bars, the best attractions etc.

1. Barcelona accommodations

We have found the most competitive price of hotels, furthermore it’s also very comfortable although far from the downtown. Otherwise you will find the most popular five star hotels near to the center, however it’s more expensive.

2. Must- see places

The most attractive building in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, this cathedral is very popular. Indeed everyday many people come all over the world to visit it. It’s unbelievable architecture will make you feel something weird, and most of the time people love it!

3. Things to do

If you look forward to have a good time and walk of the sunny side of life, you can go to the beach, there are plenty of things to do on the beach beside swim. Currently kite and windsurfing are pretty popular, therefore even if you are a novice you can try to do these sports I’m sure you will take pleasure, and will be bloom after this experience.

4. Events

The carnival of Barcelona is wonderful event, children love it. Likewise if you are fancy to party, during the carnival you are allowed to make noise. The Shrove Tuesday is a tradition you can’t miss!

5. Restaurants

The Can Culleretes, it’s a traditionally Spanish family restaurant, you can eat for great fixed price menus, besides food is delious. Furthermore it’s the oldest restaurant in Barcelona offering traditional catalan cooking!

6. Weather : the best month to visit Barcelona

The weather is pleasant most of the year, however the absolute best weather from May to the end of July making these months especially attractive for nice sightseeing. Unlike August is generally more hot and humid

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