Beveridge report.

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In 1940, during the Second World War, the Labour Party entered into a coalition with the government of the Conservative Party led by Winston Churchill. Sir William Beveridge wrote areport after being commissioned by the government to carry out a survey of Britain's social insurance and allied services. In the report. Indeed the country which was at war was at war against NaziGermany and experienced a very harsh time. he analysed the needs the problems of the British society. He thus managed to show how terrible the living conditions were in that time. He suggested a planfor social security which proved to be revolutionary. Indeed his new vision of the insurance system was very pragmatic as it took into account all British citizen whatever their social backgrounds andall the British citizen were expected to pay their share of the new system,
Beveridge managed to think about a general plan which takes into account the whole society and ensured a minimal income toany British citizen in order to to live in proper living conditions.

Plan détaillé:

How poverty touched the British : deficiency in the British system:

A survey made all around Britainshowed that the British lack “the means of healthy subsistence.” (35), “Unemployed or sick or widowed are found to be without adequate income for subsistence” (55/56).
The reasons for such stateof poverty lies in :
“Interruption or loss of earning power” (44)
Low income : “failure to relate income with the size of the family (45/46)
social benefits are not adequate (58/59)compared to the standards
social benefits do not last long enough (59)
complementing helps are “insufficient in amount or available only in terms which make men unwilling to have recourse to it”(60/61)

Beveridge's plan for Social Security:

The 3 guiding principles of the plan for Social Security:

To wisely use experience for the future: Proposals for the future...
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