Brand management

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Brand Management

NEW PRODUCT : body form chocolate bar

Christophe BUIS
Anne Laure FAICT
Coralie Ange DUC


The concept is to sell a new product which isa body form in chocolate. This is presented as every chocolate bars, but the packaging has two colours in each packets, blue for guy and pink for girl, however the taste is similar for both bars. Milkchocolate is the base of the recipe because children are the main target. The global idea is to give a funny form to the chocolate bar.


Presented as every normal bar, the originalityis the form namely, the body. The bar is added sugarless. The heart is a crispy biscuit surrounded by creamy milk, and finally cover with milk chocolate; a very famous and appreciated mix for kidsand every consumer. It is 15 centimetre long and five large. The chocolate body is totally in chocolate to keep a natural aspect, only the plastic paper for package it is pink for girl and blue for guy.The bar weigh is twenty five grams. It will be equipped with an easy opening.
Target market:
There are two important actors for us, first the kids who will be attracted by the toy represented bythe bar; moreover we personalize this bar by giving a sex to it. In one box little boy and little girl can identify themselves to the product. We choose to concentrate milk in the product to reflectthe saintliness and the children’s growth. The weigh is determined as follow: one kid eat an average of ten grams of chocolate per day, we choose 25g to weakness for sweet thing‘s children, they have tobe full after eat this bar, if not the mothers/buyers will find that the product is not enough generous.
We except that the kid play with the bar before to eat it, it cumulates twoproducts in one, toys and foods. We focus on the sympathetic aspect of the product to attract kids; this product is perceived as a reward, or a gift. We wish compete with kinder, who offer a toy in...
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