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A/ Basic Tasks of Marketing Management

What kinds of tasks the marketing managers do toward building profitable long-term relationship with the customers?

Task 1: Capturing Marketing Insightsfrom the Changing Environment.
• The detailed tasks are :
1. Make surveys
2. See famous blogs (on internet) made by usual people
3. Make loyalty cards by knowing how customer buy
4. Analysis ofsales

Task 2: ConnectingwithCustomers.
• The detailedtasks are :
1. To offer promotion on some items
2. Createprivate sales
3. Be friendlywith the costumer
4. Respondto theirneeds and listento them

•Task 3: Developing an Effective Marketing Mix.
• The detailed tasks are :
1. Be aware by insight featuresthatreally affect the product and the costumer
2. Good analysis of thecostumer (particularlyhisbehaviour)
3. Understand the costumer needs’
4. Be aware by the position of myproduct on the market

•Task 4: Developing and Implementing Marketing Plans.
• The detailedtasksare :
1. Use an efficient way of promoting (tv ad, newspaperad…)
2. Try to sale the product on a good place that match with the costumer

B/ Cross-platform branding and marketing communication(Maryam AMELI and KawtarJraifi):

1. Align marketing strategy with business

The marketing strategy define the business success level’s.

2. Solution-driven, not format-driven

It is better tofind appropriate solution to a problem than using a king of “procedure” that will not match with the problem

3. Increase marketing productivity and cost efficiency

One of the way is to develop theword of mouth!!

4. Experience in communication media and communication concepts that deliver on companies financial goals

TV ad push companies to have financial budget and get the right toexpect for good business results.

5. Delivering or compelling concepts that “ engage audiences” and deliver line bottom line value for business

For example, we can show to our customer that we are...
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