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International Marketing Group Project 2010/2011

Assessment : Group Project Guidelines – Module 1

This assignment consists of writing a business report.

You are required to complete aninternational market report for a designated Irish Company and for a designated overseas market.
You must write your report from the perspective of the company ‘Largo Foods’ and their snack product‘Tayto’.

Your overseas market will be assigned when groups are formed.
Your Group Report must contain the following sections:
* Title Page.
* Table of Contents with pagenumbers.
* An Introduction:
Specify the country you are investigating & some general background information on the company.
* Market Selection Criteria
List the market selection criteria / typeof facts you are looking for from your ideal market.
* Political environment:
Who's in power, Main political parties, Level of stability, Philosophy, Quality of economic management, Home & hostcountry relationship, Attitude towards foreign firms.
Implications for your company.
* Legal environment.:
Type legal system in use, Legislation affecting the marketing of your product in thecountry. Import duties.
Implications for your company.
* Socio - Cultural environment.:
Life style / living pattern, High/Lo context culture, Language, Religion (in depth examination of the mainreligions and any implications for your company’s marketing strategy), Values & attitudes, Technology & Material Culture, ( level of technology used within retailers and homes) Education, Socialstructure. Do's & don't of doing business.
* Economic environment.:
GNP, GDP, Income distribution, Expenditure on your product/ farm machinery, Average household wage, Growth rates,inflation, currency, employment/ unemployment, Imports, Exports, Trading partners, Membership of international economic groups, future projections.
* Demographic environment.:...
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