Country branding

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Country Branding
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MKTG811 Brand Management John Edwards and Chris Baumann

Introduction: Country branding: a new fashionable trend or a real new marketing strategy? Many people think a country as a brand but few countries are working on marketing strategies to embellish their brand images. However it begins to change. In fact country brandingseems to be a new notion, a new trend in our society. Indeed, nowadays, destination branding is one of the hottest topics among place marketers. As underlined Piggot, “country branding is a burning topic from Switzerland and New Zealand to Hawaii and Costa Rica.” Moreover The World Tourism organization talks about country branding as tomorrow’s fashion items. That means the next century will show theemergence of tourism destination as a ” fashion accessory”. But what does mean country branding? And how does a country brand differ from a product or service brand? How to build a strong country brand? To answer to all theses questions we will see firstly the different definitions of country branding, then we will see the various challenges that country has to take up and finally we will see thetools to build a strong country brands. We will then apply all theses theories to the case of New Zealand. I) What is country branding? -DefinitionsThe practice of branding has been defined by Jobber & Fahy as the process by which companies distinguishing their product offerings from those of the competition. Branding is about differentiating yourself from competitors. Country branding as adifferentiate tool Keith Dinnies states that in a globalized economy, the challenge of differentiating the product offerings from those of the competition has taken a critical importance for nations competing for both domestic and foreign consumers.

Simon Anholt highlights this idea by saying that with globalisation: “countries compete with each other for the attention, respect and trust ofinvestors, tourists, consumers, donors, immigrants, the media and the governments of other nations”. It is then obvious that a marketing strategy is not only used for products or service but also for country. Thus, Nation or Country branding refers to the application of marketing strategies to individual countries. The aim of country branding is to create and promote a distinct image and internationalreputation that will effectively serve a nation’s interest. Indeed country branding refers to the application of corporate branding strategies to individual nations with the aim of influencing foreign affairs and international interactions. Country branding is focusing on developing an attractive positive image to support a country’s presence and influence the international realm. Country brandingas a multi-dimensional tool Moreover, to define the branding of a country, Anholt created a first analytical ranking of the world’s nation brands called the Anholt-GMI Nation Brand Index in 2005. Indeed, according to Anholt, country branding is the sum of people’s perception of a country across six primary subfields. Keith Dinnie emphasizes also theses several dimensions by defining countrybranding as « the unique, multi dimensional blend of elements that provide the nation with culturally grounded differentiation and relevance for all its target audiences”. This definition recognized the multi-faceted nature of country branding. But what are the several dimensions of country branding? -Dimensions of country brandingCountry branding is a complex notion because it encompasses multipledisciplines and dimensions beyond the limited realm of conventional brand strategy. The tourism’s dimension is the most famous. Indeed it has been universally recognized that government promotion of tourism brings excellent return on

investment. That is why countries budgets for national promotion and set up tourism ministries or agencies. However tourism is only one of several areas that every...
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