Customer realtion management

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After the Second World War, countries and population had do rebuild everything. The increase of the technology helped companies to produce more and faster.
Then, marketing strategybegan to emerge and started focusing on creating new customer’s needs.
The thirty glorious was the period of the mass consumption. At this stage companies were mass producing to respond to the demand.People needed new cars, refrigerators or washing machines. It was a flourishing period because nobody was equipped and the demand was so high.
Moreover during this lively economic time businesscompetition increased and companies had to think about new strategy to stay competitive.
In the apparel industry companies merged so widely. The impact of the fashion and trends became so huge.
In ashort period the competition became so high that organizations had to find new ways to keep their clients loyal. That is when the Customer Relation Management. Indeed, CRM is almost presents in all theapparel organizations.
However, to manage the relationship with your clients to need the communication tools. In today’s times the information flies between the persons. Thanks to Medias the world isinterconnected. But companies have also found new ways to try to keep a close relationship with their customer.
The Internet has a huge impact on people and is a great vector for the communication.Companies do not use only post mailing or text messaging to inform their customers they had to use the Internet. Now, you can get e-mails from your favourite shops giving you information about newarrivals.

In my project I would like to underline the role f the communication in the Customer Relation Management in the apparel industry.

To accomplish it I will first establish a literaturereview about the subject chosen. Then, I will discuss the methodology that I will be using to respond to the project question. Besides, I will analyse the data collected during my interview. Finally, I...
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