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Life After People

The human race have destruct the earth with the pollution and the big chemical industries every kinds who was created by the human have contribute to destruct a little by a little the global earth balance. The development of the human race have leads to is extinction, so is disappearance and we going to discovered the life after people and how the nature can takes back control after a long time during which it was the reverse.
In a world who everything was road, highway, buildings , all of this “ex world” was created with the human hands its difficult for the nature to pick up is duties imagine the time who have takes, a long time. But with a little of imagination we can , imagine Paris hundreds of years after the human extinction with buildings decomposing , the skyscrapers of the district of “La Defence” abandoned , the eiffel tower surrounded of binds and the most bigger avenue like the “Champs Elysées” without her the pavers but with a lots of ferns and wild grass between. Now imagine the biggest modern metropolises like New York par example “Soho” in the wild with the big screens who are switch off and nobody in the 5 avenue just some herds of deers who are running its was just unbelievable nowadays and just the fact of imagine the extinction of the human race is just unreal everything works fine so maybe one day we will see... A lot of movie and book give an preview of the life after the extinction of the human race like in « I am a legend » with Will Smith we can see the city of NY in the wild it's really well done and a serie more a documentary who are « Life After People » and she traited exactly the

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