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What happened ?
*In June 27th 2005, at 23:00Pm, “the bank of America” in New York
has been robbed. And the two security guards have been killed. In the same time, the police officers found inside a room at the Windsor hotel which is near the bank, many objects necessary to commit a burglary like a drill to break a safe, a handgun to kill the guards, a map to find the path that leadsto the safe, including plenty of dollar bills in a bag bank and a walkie-talkie which proves there wasn’t only a burglar, but rather more than that. So these clues allowed us to say that the burglars were staying on that hotel room while they were preparing for their operation. In this way, I (inspector) started investigating.

*First of all, the bank’s engineers learned that their alarm systemwas disabled for a period of 40 minutes and no surveillance camera could record. Then, I came upon a bracelet on which was written “Nate Jenny”. That was a great step forward. So, I believed it was a couple of burglars called Nate and Jenny.
I suspected first two criminals with the same names who emerged from prison a week ago. But according to the high level of the security system, it requiresalmost one month learning how to disable it. So I remained in doubt for a moment. But I finally decided to search for all couples under the name of Nate and Jenny, who have already had a previous criminal record, and living in New York within this period. Thus, I found two similar couples: the first one that I suspected before and another couple who seemed to be unlikely the one that we seek,after reading their records because apparently, they are just tourists from Chicago. Then I began questioning the suspects.

The suspects’ interrogation:
-Ok now, let’s start with you Mr Nate Archibald! Don’t worry at all, I have just a few questions to ask. So I just need 5 minutes of your precious time; I know you did not easily accept to join me.
-Being a little disturbed, he replied: Well,since you know I'm here with my only beloved to spend un unforgettable summer vacation in my life, why do you insist so much on asking me questions about a case that I have no idea about. This is absurd.
-Please, I’ve heard enough, just answer my questions now, ok?
-First, where have you been last night from about 22:00Pm to 23:00Pm?
-I was watching a movie at the cinema with Jenny.
-SoI suppose she can confirm that, can’t she?
-Sure. And I still have the movie tickets on me.
-Ok, can you inform me about your permanent address now?
-We are staying at the Blue Moon hotel.
-Did you open a bank account?
-No, I think I don’t need it.
-Ok that’s it, but anyway I'll ask you not to leave the town yet.
Then Ms Jenny Humphrey confirmed everything he said.
-Hello, Mr Dawson. Tellme where have you been between 22:00Pm and 23:00Pm last night?
-I was at home with my friends all night.
-What were you doing exactly?
-We had a few glasses of wine while watching TV.
-Can someone confirm this?
-Yes, my girlfriend Jenny
-Jenny Peterphild?
-Ms Jenny, what were you doing yesterday night?
-Well, I don’t remember anything at all. I was totally drunk.
-So you’ve just started to enjoy your freedom for a week and you spend your evenings getting drunk. All that seems a little strange, doesn’t it?
-I don’t know what to say.
-Ok, I’ll see.

The evidence:
*At this point, I needed some evidence. So, I had to go back and review the famous hotel room. I started looking for traces or maybe imprints that can prove the presence of theburglars. Luckily, and fifteen minutes later, I found something such important: a handprint on the bottle of whisky. The scientific police took samples of the hand prints of the suspects and compared each of them with the initial handprint. The couple of tourists hardly agreed to give theirs. And finally, the handprint coincided almost with that of Nate Archibald! Therefore, he and Jenny Humphrey were...
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