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Intro texte:
this document is a text.
The author of this text in the salvation army and salvation army is a humanitarian, and so their goal isto help the most disadvantaged.
Moreover, this text is a slogan, a great message.
On one hand,we translate the slogan then deduct explanations,for finish on the conclusion and on my point of view .

The text is about give an old clothes for homeless people. Indeed if we give us oldclothes for homeless people, this action could save lifes.
Moreover, between the men and this situation, we can see a paradox.
Indeed, the men isdressed in an old superman suit whereas he is poor.
This vision shows that he is dressing a super hereos costume, he should help the other personwhereas it's him who must be helped.

we can see that this text is very important for do to know the salvation army mission. Indeed, with slogganand with the men in super heroes costume .we can see the contrast and the danger left homeless in the street without clothes.Indeed the man isdressed in a old superman suit because in the text he is the most important of element. He can die of cold. And the salvation army help and seek helpthanks to this text.

As a conclusion, i think that this text is very important for us and for the
homeless. Indeed, this text shows a visionof the reality. It shows the poverty on his true face.
For me, this text is a good something because it will make a difference in today's world.
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