Essai d'anglais sur alice in wonderland (film de tim burton)

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Alice in Wonderland

The Walt Disney cartoon " The adventures of Alice and Thought the Looking Glass" is based on a philosophical book written by Lewis Carroll. The Disney version is moralistic.Even if it might look to a children's story, this cartoon is actually a series of short stories and plays on words which involves a reflection. For example, when the twins Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Deetell to Alice the story of oysters, which appears to be a fun story for children, is actually a rape. During the advanced in her dream, Alice meets many characters, all equally absurd and strange toeach other, over each time it happens extraordinary events which will give a lesson.
By the contrary, the film by Tim Burton is an epic and heroic story in which the visual is emphasized. What causesthe "dark" in the film is not the story but the context: the decor, music and characters are the main causes of this effect. The music makes feel anxious, the decors are strange and both fantasticallywonderful and dark. Then the characters are organized around the main storyline which is the battle between the White Queen and Red Queen. The white queen is eccentric and also mysterious as veryfriendly. All the characters who help Alice to achieve her objective (which is also theirs) are friends of the white queen. They have affection to Alice and friendship, this causes a sense of compasion tothe public. Unlike this, in the cartoon, the various characters don't have all relationships or a real interest in the dream of Alice. I also observed that in the film, Tim Burton has decided tohighlight the Mad Hatter who is a likeable character. He is also an actor (Johnny Depp) reccurent in Burton's films and who has always a great success (Tim Burton and Jhonny Depp won the world record in2009 for most movies written and performed together. For example : Edward scissor hands, Corpse bride, Sweeny Tod, Sleepy Hollow and other films.). Moreover I have noted that in the cartoon, Alice...
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