Formal business dress codes

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Formal Business Dress Codes


Casual Business Dress Codes



1/ Intoduction

Men’s Apparel Alliance (MAA) 2002: Survey in >200companies

* 500 million $/year
* 19%: Formal Business dress
* Lehman Brothers Holdings

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2003:

* 58%: a casual day once a week
* 44%: casualBusiness dress

2/ Formal Business Dress Codes Pros

Literature: (Egodigwe, 2003; Lin, 2003; Sikes, 2002; Lee, 1998).
Creates a “business focused” environment;
Increases credibility;Professional behavior;
Less inappropriate behavior by workers in an organization;
Professional working environment;
Positive first impression of being well “put together”
Productivity;Perception of intelligence, based on outside appearance;
Easier for human resources personnel to clarify dress code expectations;
Less confusion on what is appropriate or inappropriate to wear.

3/Formal Business Dress Codes Cons

literature (Egodigwe, 2003; Lin, 2003; Sikes, 2002; Lee, 1998).

Employees may be viewed as being “too superior” by clients or others;
Suits may have negativeconnotations associated with them by customers;
Suits are expensive to purchase;
May be inappropriate in some business settings when dealing with customers;
Ties, and other professionalattire may be uncomfortable to wear for the entire work day;

4/ Casual Business Dress Codes Pros

literature (Egodigwe, 2003; “Casual Dress Code,” 2003; Sikes, 2002; Franz and Norton, 2001)Shows flexibility with management;
Ability to inexpensively boost employee morale;
Breaks through social barriers and status;
Creation of a friendly persona;
Workers may be more at ease withfellow coworkers;
Typically less expensive work wardrobes;
Allows workers to be comfortable at their jobs

5/ Casual Business Dress Codes Cons

Literature: (Egodigwe, 2003; Sikes, 2002;...
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