How to analyze a case

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How to analyze a case

A case is in facts a complex text to analyse. How can we do it? The file named 'how to analyze a case' gives us an answer to structure our thought and find a solution toany case in any domain. Here is a short sum up of what is told in this file. We will start talking about the context and the problem, to go then through the evaluation of the case and the structure ofthe analysis.

1. Starting point
To analyze in english means or to break up something into consistuent parts, either to study the relationships of the part to the whole. To be short, we can saythat doing an analysis means to sum up, identify important parts and link them to the main topic.

You will have first to find the problem, and to see what is the context of it. In facts, eachbusiness has its own specific and complex method to analyse a case, which won't work in other kind of studies. That's why you have to analyse the context, to see if for instance it is a marketing analysis,or else a financial, ETC. A problem, in the sense of a case study, is :
- there's a significant outcome or performance;
- there's no explicit explanation of this outcome or performance.

To sumup the concept, something important has happened, but you don't know why or how.Making an analysis is explaining how you went to such a result to understand how to or not to reproduce it. you willtherefore find options or alternatives which will help you in the next cases. You will have as well to set criteria in your analysis to make the situation clearer, depending of your goals. What you haveto uncerstand as well is that there is no objectively correct decision, and a good decision is one which generates more profit than the others alternatives and has fewer downsides or drawbacks.2. Analysis methods and structure
You first have to set the goal of the analysis, being more precise than simply analysing. A good question for this is : when can i conclude the case study? Dont...
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