Le bien et le mal

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Directorate A - Staff and careers
Central Career Guidance Service (SCOP) : vocational guidance and career development
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Nature of Job Families and Job Titles

(some standardised job titles are currently under revision)

Version 21.05.2008


Within the framework of the JobStudy, ADMIN A2 – SCOP, in collaboration with the JIS Monitoring Team, carried out, between May 2003 and February 2004, an extensive analysis of all the data stored in the Job Information System (JIS). Using desk analyses, surveys and panel discussions with actual jobholders, new or revised generic job descriptions have been drawn up. (see also the Survey report: conclusions of the replies).

Thepresent document reflects the outcomes of the panel discussions as to the nature of the jobs exercised in each of the 22 job families and the job titles that would be authorised within the Commission.

Each of the titles corresponds to a generic profile, except in a few cases where only the generic title is available. This is indicated by an asterisk (*) in front of the job title. These generic jobtitles are accepted job titles but will not be provided with a full generic profile in the revised JIS library. The reason being that only very few jobs with this specific title exists within the Commission. For some generic job titles, another generic profile could be used: the description of the job of the Deputy Director-General can be based on the generic job description of aDirector-General.

The generic profiles are presently available on the Sysper2 home page. You can access these on the Sysper2 homepage by going to the box "Staff" and then to the 'Job descriptions' box and then to the 'Generic Job Description Library'.

The JIS Generic Job Requirements libraries are under revision. By the beginning of 2005 the Generic Job Requirement part will be added to the profiles. TheCommission library will be completely replaced by then and the local DG libraries will be gradually replaced. Until then, DG ADMIN2-SCOP encourages you to give your feedback to us via your JIS Monitoring Team correspondent.

The definitions:

The “nature” of a job family can be defined as A summary of the functions to be fulfilled by all the jobs (considered as a whole) within a job family.This means that one job alone does not have to encompass the whole “nature” of a job functional group. All the jobs identified in a job family carry out these tasks; one job may carry out only one or two of them.

We use the term “job family” with the meaning of a group of jobs with a core of similar duties.

Table of Contents

Management 4
Team Coordination 5
Planning, Quality Managementand Evaluation 6
Policies 7
Legal 8
Inter-Institutional Relations 9
External Relations 10
Information, Communication and Publications 11
Budget, Finance, Contracts 12
Programmes, Projects, Actions and Funds 13
Compliance and Infringement Handling 14
Statistics 15
Control and Inspection 16
Audit 17
Analysis and Advice 18
Scientific Research 19
Human Resources Management 20
PersonalCare and Protection 21
Information and Document Management 23
Linguistics 24
Information Technology 25
Administrative / Secretarial Assistance 26
Logistic Support 28
Staff Representation 30
Appendix 1 31


|Ensure the definition of objectives, strategic planning and management of Commission resources; organise the development and |
|implementation of policymanagement instruments and lead and optimise the work and the performance of the Commission staff to reach the |
|objectives. The work includes: |
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